Defensive Driver Training


Driver Development Through Training


What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is a way of driving your vehicle that helps you avoid collisions and accidents by utilising a higher standard of observation and anticipation skills. Defensive drivers should be able to anticipate and control situations to reduce their risk of being involved in an incident.

Benefits of Driver Training

The benefits are numerous the most important being to create safer drivers therefore reducing the risk of accidents. Accidents can result in death.

In 2016 the amount of lives lost on our roads was a staggering 1,792

The estimated cost to businesses in 2016 due to road traffic accidents was £25million

Uneconomical drivers can use 30% more fuel and increase maintenance costs

Improving a driver’s skills can effectively reduce their risk of being involved in an incident. Often these incidents are caused by another driver or pedestrian but even though these are non fault they still have costs and consequences. By learning to drive defensively we can also reduce the risk posed by others, as we will be using advanced observation techniques to improve what we see, and understand how to better use anticipation to avoid incidents. By avoiding incidents in a business not only helps prevent road deaths and injury but also the associated costs that can be incurred. Just a few examples are repair costs, insurance premiums, staff off work, replacement vehicles etc.

Fuel costs can often be reduced by up to 20% simply by educating drivers on fuel efficient driving. How much is 20% of your annual fuel bill?

Maintenance costs can be reduced by drivers being taught how to drive in a manner that is sympathetic to the vehicle.

Our Driving Courses

Our driving courses are bespoke to suit your needs and driver availability. We can supply you just a basic check on a drivers credentials along with a risk assessment to a full defensive/fuel efficient driving presentation and practical one on one in vehicle training.

We can provide this service for cars, vans, minibuses, buses and trucks.

One of our representatives will be happy to discuss with you what is best for your needs.

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Our Trainers

All our trainers hold the following two qualifications from the DVSA – (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency formerly DSA and DVLA)  Approved Driving Instructor and Fleet Registered Trainer. All classroom presenters will also have a formal teaching qualification. Along with the above, our trainers are advanced drivers having passed a recognised advanced driving qualification such as ROSPA or IAM.

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