July 29, 2015

First Aid



** New Course Date ** Saturday 8th February 2020

A definition of First Aid...

First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, alleviate suffering and prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available, such as performing CPR whilst awaiting for an ambulance, as well as the complete treatment of minor conditions, such as applying a plaster to a cut. First aid is generally performed by the layperson, with many people trained in providing basic levels of first aid, and others willing to do so from acquired knowledge.

There are many situations which may require first aid, and drivers who require CPC courses would benefit greatly by having more knowledge of how to deal with and treat casualties at the roadside. Many countries have legislation, regulation, or guidance which specifies a minimum level of first aid provision in certain circumstances. This can include specific training or equipment to be available in the workplace (such as an automated external defibrillator), the provision of specialist first aid cover at public gatherings, or mandatory first aid training within schools. First aid, however, does not necessarily require any particular equipment or prior knowledge, and can involve improvisation with materials available at the time, often by untrained persons.

Our Emergency First Aid At Work Course.....


1 Day Emergency First Aid At Work

This course not only counts towards 1 day CPC, but also as an official First Aid At Work course, recognised and certificated by the FAA and is a Level 6 award in Scotland.

An extensive First Aid 1 day course which involves some physical activity by candidates using some of our extensive equipment used for the delivery of the course. Our equipment is more than adequate for the maximum numbers on the course (12) and for monitoring purposes we have some of the equipment connected to a display to show the effectiveness of CPC for example. There is no test required for the First Aid certificate to be issued, but candidates are assessed during the day and must prove to be confident in the delivery of the practical elements of the day. As this course is primarily delivered to both PCV and LGV drivers, the emphasis is on the transport industry and covers both HGV and PCV


At Poole's Training Courses we are passionate about spreading the skills to enable you to potentially save a life. We do not believe that the cost to you for doing this should be as high as some organisations charge. We aim to keep our prices very competitive whilst still providing you with the very best training. We are associated with Nuco Training who are one of the most recognized First Aid training organisations in the UK, and all certificates come from them through the F.A.A (First Aid Awards) As with any first aid course, it is important to check that you receive a genuine certificate authorized by an accredited body.

All our trainers are qualified to Level 3 Award In Education and Training.

Prefer to do the courses in the evenings or weekends? We do the EFAW courses mostly at the weekends on Saturdays.

No problem, we can run courses on the weekends.  We need a minimum of 2 people  and maximum of 12 people for our courses and can be run in our premises or your own premises (if suitable room for training). Please contact us for details.


Available Course Dates....