Online Driver CPC

Our CPC courses are back IN-House from 18th July


Restrictions on delivering driver CPC has been lifted temporarily by JAUPT which has allowed us to deliver CPC online. The format will be much the same as you would have done in our classroom environment, with just a few small changes. And one big change… you can now sit at home and get your CPC done.

Important information and things you will need before joining a session online…..

  1. Access to a PC or Laptop
  2. Access and ability to use a mic (michrophone) and a webcam (can be an internal one)
  3. A quiet room / space with no interuptions.
  4. Send a copy of your driving licence by email prior to the course start date (front and back)
  5. Be in attendance for the duration of the course (strictly enforced)
  6. Ability to show your Driving Licence via webcam to prove identity.

Your “Webcam” will be required to be on constantly to allow us to varify you are still participating.

How it works…

Ensure you use the correct email when you book and pay for a course online. We will use this email to send you an invite via Email for you to join the online CPC course. You will recieve a confirmation email after booking, this will allow you to “view  online event” Clicking on that will allow you to “Join the meeting” on the day of the course.

We use for delivering our online CPC courses, and for you there is no need to download or install anything. Just click on the link 15 minutes BEFORE the session is due to start, and we will explain the rest when you join us.

Or as another option, do a search online for “Zoom” go to Click on “Join A Meeting” at the top, then put in the “Meeting ID” number you got from us in your email. Thats it, you will join the session and everything else will be explained once you join in. Have ready the following .. Your Driving Licence, Some paper and a Pen.

Your Michrophone and video camera may be muted when you join, we will unmute it for you as soon as you arrive.

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